Mechanical Toy: Boat Toy

  • Justin Andrew McMillan, Joseph Paul Dewey, Matthew Aaron Hoskins
  • PLTW: Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Sidney High School
  • May 12 - June 9, 2015
In this project, there were many objectives and many things were accomplished. The objectives included creating a mechanical toy that had these specific constraints: dimensions no larger than 12"x12"x12"; incorporating cams and eccentrics; incorporating many different colors to appear attractive to the target consumer; working part files for all parts; Power Point including all components of project; to complete the project by June 9th and have a GANTT chart to be followed. Some things accomplished included: Working part files, completed assembly of all parts for toy and other objectives. Those are the objectives and accomplished tasks. (JPD)
Include answers to the following questions in this brief explanation of the project or activities:
  • The purpose is to create a mechanical toy using many different resources learned in this class.
  • We are learning how to work as a group to produce a manufactured part and we are going to be working as a group to complete all tasks that would typically be done in order to complete this task.
Include the information and background research of the topic. Inform the reader about the information you gathered in order to accomplish the task. Describe what you found and studied of previous research and designs done by others. Explain why your work is different.


Define the Problem

1. Review design brief
2. Self Analysis
3. Draft of team members
4. Establishing Group Norms
Generate Concepts
1. Brainstorms
2. Creation of concept sketches
3. Sharing of concept sketches

Develop a Solution

1. Decide on final concept sketch
2. Development of final sketch
3. Development of part files
4. Development of working drawings
5. Development of assembly file
6. Development of working drawing for assembly
7. Development of presentation file(.ipn)
8. Development of Power Point

Construct and Test Prototype

1. Construction of Parts
2. Development of motion file

Evaluate Solution

1. Reflection on issues that occurred
2. Project grade

Present the Solution

Our team accomplished almost every objective, fairly well. We ran into only one major error, and that was during the production of the motion assembly. If we were to do this again I would suggest that we plan a little more time to complete some of the harder and more lengthy objectives. We were in a little bit of crunch time, when creating the assembly and exploded assembly. This project showed me how I need to better manage my time, and helped me learn better communication. This definetley improved my Autodesk Inventor skills. I would say our group worked very well together, and I feel very good about the outcome of this project. (MAH)
In the mechanical toy project our team accomplished most of the objectives on time and well-done. We had a few minor set-backs throughout the project. The problems slowed the team down a little bit but were eventually overcome and accomplished. The set-backs include the creation of the motion assembly and also the correct creation of the GANTT chart. I defiantly improved my skills on inventor throughout the project.(JAM)
During the project, I felt the team objectives were very well accomplished, on time and with quality. The only error I felt we came across was the creation of the motion assembly. Another possible error/problem we came across was the GANTT chart, which had to be updated frequently and there was some confusion throughout about the GANTT chart. I feel that this project improved our overall engineering skills, as well as team work skills and using only technology to communicate with other team members. I feel I improved my Microsoft Excel skills greatly over the course of this project, and feel very good about the end result of this project. (JPD)
During this project, our group learned many different skills necessary to becoming a well-rounded engineering student. One of the skills that we learned was working with a motion assembly. We had many different set backs and issues with the motion assembly, allowing us to become very familiar with the workings of inventor and sharpening our computer design skills. We also learned how to manage files across different users and computers, and how to communicate with a team member that is not in your core group or is not "in your facility". We also learned the importance of keeping an updated journal and emailing a summary of each day's work. We accomplished many things in this project and led a successful project with good, quality work from each group member and very good cooperation throughout the course of the project. Overall, this project sharpened this group's skills and our group became better engineering students in the process of successfully completing this project on time, and with quality. (JPD)
Include the following:
Include all resources, such as books, magazines, journals, and Internet sources that were used to obtain and learn information. Since this is a technical report, the format should follow APA guidelines.