Week of May 31, 2016
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Developing a Solution, Step 3
Construct and Test Prototype, Step 4
Test and Evaluate, Step 5

NOTE: Step 6 of the design process (the PowerPoint) has been omitted from the requirements. It may still be completed for extra credit.

Project Engineer

Organize, manage, review and assist.
Assist ME in distribution of parts, creation of parts and development of working drawing.
Distribute assignment of report. Begin procedure; breaking it up into the 6 steps of the design process.
Add the name of the person assigned a section in the space below the heading.


<Mrs Race>


Mechanical Engineer

Utilize final annotated sketch and parts list, assign parts to teammate to create. Minimum 20% of parts per person.
Parts list to be generated using TEAM STATIONARY

Research Engineer

Upload matrix to appendix, be sure to use TEAM STATIONARY
Research price of materials
Assist ME in development of parts or drawings

Production Engineer

Develop Team Gantt Chart.

All Students:

Students to update journal (table of contents, body AND contacts section) with task oriented work and communicate within group.

Sidney Central School, STEM Academy Virtual Experience

The Phantoms
Locker Losers
Willy Wonkers
Flying Burrito Bros.
The Warrior Devils
Hannah T, Project
Maya, Mechanical
Molly, Research

Shared production role
Wyatt, Project
Mikayla, Mechanical
Robert, Research
Karolina, Production
Kaitlyn, Project
Makayla, Research
Haley, Mechanical

Shared production role
Khadija B, Project
Khadijah C, Production
Jillian, Research
Samantha, Mechanical
Tommy, Project
Josh, Production
Adrienne, Mechanical
Hannah, Research
Kaitlyn, Project
Liam, Production
Madison, Mechanical
Taylor, Research
Aidan, Prod & Project
Meghan, Mechanical
Peter, Research
Christina, Project
Zach, Production
Ethan, Mechanical
Lindsay, Research
Elijah, Project
Jacob, Production
Glenn, Mechanical
Dylan, Research

Sidney Central School, STEM Academy Virtual Experience


Students will be working with other IED students from the Sidney MS, Sidney HS, Unatego MS and Franklin HS to complete Project 4.2.1 The Virtual Design Challenge.
Click on the student design team link below to see their progress.

Sidney Spartans
Team Fun Wagon
Fireworks Zebras
The Muffin Men
Team MLK
Team SAP
Felix, Project
Rachel Z, Research
Nate, Production
Cain, Mechanical
Jack, Project
Rachel M, Research
Trevor W, Production
John F, Mechanical
Shyann, Project
Hannah, Research
Jacob, Mechanical
Trevor F, Mechanical
Dylan, Project
Alex S, Research
Brandon, Production
Collin, Mechanical
Thomas F, Project
Lexi, Research
Andy, Production
Makayla, Mechanical
Kyle, Project
Todd, Research
John H, Production
Thomas C, Mechanical
Mariah, Project
Kirsten, Research
Levi, Production
Marisa, Mechanical
JP, Project
Justin, Production
Matt, Mechanical
Steven, Project
Alex A, Research
Nik, Mechanical

Miss Smith's Example Page


School District Assessment: Tuesday, June 9
PLTW National Assessment: Wednesday and Thursday, June 10,11